Oakland County's Best of the Best 2013 & 2016 - Third Place Winner for Best Groomer in Oakland County


I truly believe that animals are on this Earth to teach us the following life lessons; patience and understanding. They are not just animals to me, they are Little Angels that give their unconditional love and ease our troubles away, providing comfort to us every step of the way. They feel our emotions and provide comfort. I have always rescued animals and I make a point of supporting those organizations that do the same. I feel that it is important for us humans to help get animals out of shelters and into forever homes! For that reason, I Tammy with her Angels, Daisy and Dixiegive all that I can to support rescue organizations. For as long as I can remember, I have felt an amazing love and concern for animals. I was known to bring home any stray that I found!

The most important aspect in the care of animals is to provide a very safe and soothing place for them. Grooming should be a wonderful experience for an animal. I always use a soft, gentle touch and voice to help them relax. I also ask that my employees leave their tensions at the door in order to focus attention on the animal they are working with. We are a gentle facility that provides a calm environment for all of the animals in our care. We do not use cage drying or muzzling. We don’t force an animal to do something that is frightening for them. Taking our time ensures that they experience no fear.  We also offer special early or late appointments for those animals with special needs. This could be one that does not enjoy the company of other dogs or is just an extremely nervous or frightened animal. It may take a long time, but I will soothe and comfort during the grooming process. I allow dogs to play with a chew toy or just have a nap after their groom. I make sure that potty breaks are taken or that there are just a few minutes to run around.

Again, when you walk into our spa, you will hear music playing, smell aromatherapy in the air and see soft soothing colors and furnishings. All clients will receive a bow or bandanna and a fun treat to take home. Heaven Scent’s focus is on making grooming a pleasant, soothing experience for all pets and their owners.

Special Needs

We from time to time have pets that require special attention. When one of our Angels “does not play well with others”, or is a “little cranky”, we offer Private groom times, either before opening or after closing. This gives us a chance to work with Him or Her in a quiet environment. Please call with questions about this service. In my Spa, it is entirely about the pet.